Tucson real estate : Months of inventory by price range (Foothills & Oro Valley)

 Tucson real estate : Both buyers & sellers often enquire about the amount of supply/demand in a particular price range and area. Months of inventory provides good insight into this question. Months of Inventory (MOI), is the amount of current inventory (homes currently for sale) divided by average monthly sales. This is a good indicator of market health since it measures the amount of time it will take to eliminate existing inventory at the current rate of sales. In general, a market is considered “balanced” when MOI is around 6 months.
Below find a chart listing the MOI for various price ranges in both the Foothills and Oro Valley.
Price                     MOI
$100-199k              11.2
$200-299k              12.1
$300-399k              5.0    
$400-499k              10.7  
$500-749k              13.8
$750-999k              n/a (41 listings)
$1,000 and over      16.5
Source: Long Realty Housing Report (October 2011)
Oro Valley
Price                     MOI
$100-199k           4.0
$200-299k           8.4
$300-399k           9.2    
$400-499k           21.0 
$500-749k           18.5
$750-999k           n/a (16 listings)
$1,000 and over    n/a (23 listings)
Source: Long Realty Housing Report (October 2011)

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