My luxury listing went under contract in 6 days!

I recently listed a home in the Foothills for approximately $750,000. The home was on the market for 6 days before it received a strong offer and went under contract. Currently, in the Tucson real-estate market, many homes stay on the market for months and have numerous price reductions. Despite this trend, homes can be placed on the market, and sell in a reasonable amount of time with no price reductions. Below, is how I achieved this.

Price: Price is the most important factor in the sale of a home. The asking price of a home should not be determined by the asking price of other comparable homes in the area. Rather, the asking price of a home should be determined by what other comparable homes in the area have sold for in the past 6 months. Additionally, buyers can not obtain mortgages for over-priced homes because lenders will only provide buyers with a mortgage for the home’s appraised value (a.k.a fair market value). Over-pricing a home does not make sense because most buyers will not make an offer until the home is correctly priced and they will not be able to obtain a mortgage for an over-priced home.

Condition: It is essential a home is in its best possible condition before it is placed on the market. Any problems, with the property, sellers are aware of should be corrected before the home is put on the market for sale. Correcting problems with a home, before it is listed for sale is important, since buyers will have the home inspected, and sellers are required to disclose problems with the home during the sale process.

Appearance: The appearance of a home is vital to its sale. Before a home is placed on the market it should be cleaned and both clutter and personal items should be removed. A buyer should be able to walk into a home, for sale, and imagine themselves living there. Seller’s clutter and personal items usually make it hard for buyers to imagine themselves and their belongings in a home.

Photos: Most buyers view homes for sale on the internet, before they visit them in person. As a result, buyers first impression of a home is determined by its photos. It is essential that a home’s listing photos are of the highest quality and present the home in the best manner possible. It is worth the investment to hire a professional photographer to take these photos.

Tucson Real Estate Agent, Lisa Bayless, specializes in Tucson Foothills homes and Oro Valley homes

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