Tucson real estate : Occupy Tucson pickets foreclosure auctions at courthouse

Tucson real estate : More than two dozen Occupy Tucson participants left Veinte Agosto Park and headed to Pima County Superior Courthouse to protest foreclosure auctions. Every weekday, foreclosure auctions occur on the courthouse steps. Protestors climbed the courthouse steps and chanted “Banks got bailed out! We go sold out!” Courthouse security asked the protestors to leave the courthouse steps and stay on the sidewalk. The protestors moved to the sidewalk. The auctions continued despite the protests.

Tucson police said they receive reports stating the crows was “loud and disrupting some court proceedings”. An attorney for some of the protestors said as long as the protestors stay on the sidewalk and don’t¬†interrupt courthouse proceeding they are within their legal rights.

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3 Responses to Tucson real estate : Occupy Tucson pickets foreclosure auctions at courthouse

  1. Lisa, is this a republish or did you experience this first hand?

    Seems like these occupy movements are getting odder by the minute.

    Jerimiah Taylor

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