Tucson real estate : Mortgage rates (Jan 6-8th, 2012)

Tucson real estate:  Below find mortgage reates for Jan 6-8th, 2012. Realtor Lisa Bayless specializes in Tucson real estate.  Call Lisa for all your Tucson real estate needs.


To $417,000

30 Year Fixed

4.0% w/0 Points or
3.75%w/1 Point

15 Year Fixed

3.25% w/0 Points or
3.0% w/1 Point


$417,000 and Up

30 Year Fixed

4.0% w/1 Point

Niche Products: Interest Only 30 Year Fixed


Investor Up to $417,000
30 Year Fixed

4.5% w/1 Points

FHA to $271,050:    
VA to   $417,000:
30 Year Fixed

3.75% w/0 Points

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